Stolen Girlfriends Club

Liv O’Driscoll #stolenidentity

liv - photo

Name: Olivia O’Driscoll (Liv)

Where do you live: New York and New Zealand

What do you do: I am a single mother and a model

Lust for Life: My daughter Hara is the driving force for most everything in my world. She puts the smile on my face in the morning as she tells me knock knock jokes about “poopy”.. And cackles away to herself so proud

Any Apologies: Sure

TWFT (word for today): “fiddlesticks”. No more swearing. Replacing my regular “F’s”

Your Instagram: @livodriscool (cause I’m cool)

Favourite person to follow on Instagram: @soniatlevfitness She’s insane, and inspires me to try harder at the gym

Best #hashtag you’ve ever seen: When my best friend Midget graduated massage therapy school, her class mates all hash tagged “#massagetherapist”…. So let’s break that down “massage-the-rapist”.. Not cool guys

Song at your wedding: I HIGHLY doubt my partner would consent to any of my choices, but regardless I will be playing some Jeff Buckley and Sinead O’Connor

Song at your funeral: The same voices shall grace my funeral

Last music you paid for: Jhene Aiko

Liv wears: Moonbeam – Tokyo Tort

We Are Ugly But We Have The Music – Sachi


SACHI is an up and coming producer duo based in Auckland, New Zealand. The teenagers’ debut EP “Your EP” was released on New York based label Ralenteer Records in August, and has already attracted attention from international artists Nina Las Vegas and Just A Gent, and received airplay on Australia’s Triple J and local George FM.

With multiple official remixes on the way and a spot supporting Aussie giant Hayden James on his upcoming tour, SACHI are ones to watch.

Emma Cruickshank #stolenidentity

Emma - sunbeams

Name: Emma Cruickshank

Where do you live: Auckland, New Zealand

What do you do: Owner of Public Library, a sales and PR company

Lust for Life: Wilder and Wine….. and Dan (the hubby)

Any Apologies: Never apologize never explain

TWFT (word for today): TGIF (thank god it’s Friday) – it was Friday when I wrote this

Your Instagram: @emmacruickshank

Favourite person to follow on Instagram: Zoe Kravitz @zoeisabellakravitz because I love her and @prettydamngoodforyou (my good friend Angela Merrie’s amazing food creations)

Best #hashtag you’ve ever seen: #youhaveasmanyhoursinthedayasbeyonce

Song at your wedding: My wedding song was Sweet Leaf by Black Sabbath…lets just say it wasn’t the easiest to dance to

Song at your funeral: Anything by Jeff Buckley

Last music you paid for: Beyonce… of course

Emma wears: Sunbeam – Trans Burgundy

We Are Ugly But We Have The Music – J Mascis


The renowned Dinosaur Jr. frontman J Mascis is famous for blazing, melodic, eardrum-rupturing, feedback-drenched solos, but his dazed, muttering, tired-of-the-world voice is just as essential a piece of his band’s sound. And on his own, Mascis has lately been using that voice in the service of lush, nostalgic folk-rock songs that sound completely natural coming out of him.

The mighty Mascis follow’s up his 2011 solo release Several Shades Of Why with a new one called Tied To A Star, and it is well worth your time.

Highlights of the album include the Cat Power collab “Wide Awake”.

Amberley Colby #stolenidentity

photo 2 - amberley

Name: Amberley Colby

Where do you live: Auckland, New Zealand

What do you do: Part time model / part time student

Lust for Life: Friends and family, travel

Any Apologies: No, not yet

TWFT (word for today): Tempestuous

Your Instagram: @amberleycolby

Favourite person to follow on Instagram: @thedownlowe

Best #hashtag you’ve ever seen: #modellyf

Song at your wedding: She’s so lovely – Scouting for girls

Song at your funeral: Anything that’s upbeat and not sad!

Last music you paid for: White teeth teens – Lorde

Amberley wears: Moonbeam – Black

We Are Ugly But We Have The Music – Mulholland


One of New Zealand’s most talented composers, musician, sound engineer and “visionary” has just released his sophomore album Stop And Start Again. The album is all penned and performed by Jol, with extra drum duties taken care of by Alastair Deverick (boycrush/Lawrence Arabia). The live band gets fleshed out with the help of Mike Hall (bass/vox), Matthias Jordan (keys/vox) (Pluto/Night Choir) and Scott Mason on drums (Gasoline Cowboy).

The second single to be taken from the album is the optimistic guitar anthem “Loneliness For Free”.

The Christchurch born prolific songwriter has been in well-known New Zealand bands Gasoline Cowboy and The Mots (alongside brothers Will and Eden) and has played with Anika Moa, Chris Knox, Liam Finn, Laurence Arabia, Connan Mockasin, Andrew Keoghan, Eden Mulholland, Lindon Puffin and Nightchoir to name just a few, he has been part of The Lab recording studio in Mt Eden, Auckland, as a producer, engineer, song-writer and musician. Jol has a reputation as a technically capable and creatively prolific asset to any musical project. He has recently moved to Auckland after a two year musical stint in New York City where he played alongside Liam Finn. “I’ve always really admired Jol as a musician and he really is untameable. What he thinks goes straight to his fingers, and it’s beautiful. I’m very turned on by his ability.” – Liam Finn

Marina Didovich #stolenidentity

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Name: Marina Violet Didovich

Where do you live: Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia

What do you do: Fashion Stylist/Consultant

Lust for Life: Happiness

Any Apologies: Sorry not sorry

TWFT (word for today): TIRED

Your Instagram: @marina_didovich

Favourite person to follow on Instagram: @bat_gio

Best #hashtag you’ve ever seen: #sorrynotsorry

Song at your wedding: Mazzy Star. Fade Into You

Song at your funeral: I hopefully won’t need to think about that for a while yet……

Last music you paid for: London Grammar. Strong

Marina wears: Moonbeam – Black

We Are Ugly But We Have The Music – Chelsea Jade


Chelsea Jade (formerly Watercolours) announced the anticipated release of her second ‘Beacons’ EP (due out October 24) last week which was accompanied by her brand new video for fan favourite ‘Night Swimmer’. The EP was produced by Justyn Pilbrow in New York with additional recordings at Redbull Studios in Auckland with Ben Lawson. ‘Beacons’ will feature six new tracks under her new musical persona including the new single ‘Visions’ which is available as a free download from today.

Chelsea is booked to perform at CMJ in New York later this month and will be attending the Redbull Music Academy in Tokyo in November.

Richard Kavanagh #stolenidentity


Name: Richard Kavanagh

Where do you live: Bondi, Sydney, Australia

What do you do: I’m the guy that makes the chicks hot

Lust for life: Warm glassy waves, my children, my wife’s art

Any apologies: Don’t explain, don’t complain (c/o Kate Moss)

TWFT (word for today): Adjectival (as in: get me another adjectival beer please)

Your Instagram: @richardkavanagh

Favourite person to follow on Instagram: @thefatjewish

Best #hashtag you’ve ever seen: #levis501heaven

Last song/album you actually paid money for? I certainly didn’t pay for that adjectival U2 album they surreptitiously snuck into everyone’s adjectival iTunes library.

Song at your wedding: Love Is The Drug – Bryan Ferry & Roxy Music

Song at your funeral: Warpigs by Black Sabbath

Richard wears: Channel Surfer – Black

We Are Ugly But We Have The Music – King Tuff

King Tuff - Black Moon Spell

Vermont garage rocker Kyle Thomas – aka King Tuff releases his highly anticipated third record on September 26th via SubPop Records. The album features the summery single ‘Eyes of the Muse’ – and believe us, your fantasy coast-to-coast road trip will be poorer without this accompanying you along for the ride.

The album was produced by Bobby Harlow and features King Tuff’s bandmates Magic Jake and Old Gary. Ty Segall also drummed on the album’s title track.

Hero of the garage rock underground King Tuff has featured in a throng of bands, including psychedelic-rock folk band Feathers, garage punk outfit Happy Birthday as well as label mate J Mascis’ doom band Witch.