Stolen Girlfriends Club

Ladyhawke #stolenidentity


Name: Ladyhawke (Pip Brown)

Where do you live: Los Angeles

What do you do: Musician

Lust for Life: Friends, family, video games, movies, collecting

Any Apologies: Sorry to the lady who’s grapes I sneezed on at the supermarket when I was 17

TWFT (word for today): Apparition

Your Instagram: @ladyhawkeforyou

Favourite person to follow on Instagram: @simpsonfamilyquotes

Best #hashtag you’ve ever seen: Susan Boyle will be answering your questions at her exclusive album listening party on Saturday. Send in your questions #susanalbumparty

Last music you paid money for: The Crocodiles – Tears

Song at your wedding: As The World Falls Down – David Bowie

Song at your funeral: Don’t Fear The Reaper – B.O.C

Pip wears: Moonbeam – Tokyo Tort

We Are Ugly But We Have The Music – Azizi Gibson


Azizi Gibson doesn’t have a home. Raised in Thailand, he spent ten years in Maryland before relocating to his current base, Los Angeles. Azizi’s life has been one of melding cultures and experiences into something new and distinct. His music brings together unique experiences, a love for boundary pushing hip-hop, and a swagger with universal appeal.

Azizi has always been a rapper, and he’s always been different. During his childhood in Thailand, he was banging Dre and Snoop, putting words together over any beat he could find. In high school in Maryland, he started establishing himself as a hip-hop presence, battling and recording. He saw opportunity in LA and took the plunge. Fate (and a chance encounter in the gym) brought him together with Flying Lotus. Now, using the Brainfeeder platform, Z has plans to launch himself and his preHISTORIC crew into the popular consciousness and bring them a taste of next level hip-hop.

The title track from his latest album ‘Backward Books’ was produced by Christchurch local Kamandi and was recorded at Red Bull Studios in Auckland during Azizi’s time in New Zealand for the Red Bull Sound Select Block Party. ‘This isn’t even the beginning, the beginning hasn’t even started. I wanna tour with Kamandi, I like it, and the worlds gonna like it.’

Check out the video documenting the collaboration:

Jason Woodside #stolenidentity

Selfie - JASON

Name: Jason Woodside

Where do you live: East Village, NYC

What do you do: Painter

Lust for Life: Heavy

Any Apologies: Sorry for the mess

TWFT (word for today): Vacation

Your Instagram: @jasonwoodside

Favourite person to follow on Instagram: Ed Templeton

Best #hashtag you’ve ever seen: #AssCashOrGrassNobodyRidesForFree

Song at your wedding: The Seeds – Can’t seem to make you mine

Song at your funeral: Talking Heads – This must be the place

Jason wears: Sunbeam – Trans Burgundy

We Are Ugly But We Have The Music – Lowell

image - lowell

After teasing fans with the first taste of her debut full length in the form of street track ‘I Love You Money’, Canadian chanteuse Lowell returns with the first official single from the album – ‘The Bells’.

Opening with the delicate and whimsical noise of bells ringing in harmony, Lowell’s sass is instantly present within the first line – “Would you give me a beat?” ‘The Bells’ percussive rhythms and 80’s infused synths once again highlight Lowell’s unique vocal delivery and knack for left-of-centre production that was previously introduced with her first single ‘Cloud 69’ from her debut EP “I Killed Sara V.” which was released earlier this year.

Penny Pickard #stolenidentity


Name: Penny Pickard

Where do you live: Auckland, New Zealand

What do you do: Model

Lust for Life: Learning

Any Apologies: Too many

TWFT (word for today): Presence

Your Instagram: I’m not on Instagram yet – my phone isn’t fancy enough

Favourite person to follow on Instagram: I am a bit of a voyeur of Ngahuia Williams. I also like looking at the old school models like Amber Valletta, Aurelie Claudel, and Liisa Winkler

Best #hashtag you’ve ever seen: #idon’tknow

Song at your wedding: Leather and Lace by Stevie Nicks, and that guy from The Eagles I think??

Song at your funeral: Forever Young by Bob Dylan

Last music you paid for: Van Morrison’s Greatest Hits

Penny wears: Sunbeam – Trans Burgundy

We Are Ugly But We Have The Music – Peace


Lead single from the band’s debut studio album, In Love: “Wraith is about falling in love with a prostitute. But not really a prostitute and not really falling in love”. ‘Wraith’ was written by the band’s singer Harrison Koisser and was produced by Jim Abbiss who also worked on the Artic Monkeys album.

Peace originally formed in 2009 includes brothers Harry and Samuel and friends Douglas and Dominic, who grew up together in Worchester UK. Now signed to Columba Records and currently on tour in the UK the band are also working on new material likely to be released later in the year.

Narayan Lockett #stolenidentity


Name: Narayan Forest Lockett

Where do you live: New York, N.Y

What do you do: Auteur, fine art photographer & conceptual pop artist

Lust for Life: Expression and exuberance

Any Apologies: Sorry I’m not sorry

TWFT (word for today): Club

Your Instagram: @postfeminism

Favourite person to follow on Instagram: @peacemillion

Best #hashtag you’ve ever seen: #dreamscometrue

Song at your wedding: Ornella Vanoni L’appuntamento

Song at your funeral: Edith Piaf The Three Bells

Last music you paid for: Eric Copeland at Bushwick Small World Tour with Prince Rama (DJ Set)

Narayan wears: Channel Surfer – Black

We Are Ugly But We Have The Music – Joywave


JOYWAVE is an eclectic group specializing in alternative pop hailing from Rochester, NY. After the success of 2013’s 88888 mixtape, they established their Hollywood Records imprint Cultco Music, through which they released their debut EP ‘How Do You Feel?’ on March 1, 2014 in the US.

With a catalog that deftly jumps between genres, the EP demonstrates the bands pointed talent for blending influences. The JOYWAVE sound is grounded in classic songwriting, often injected with house music’s energy, disco’s playfulness and an overarching hip-hop spirit. Where any other band might lose its identity in the quest to experiment with so many different sounds, JOYWAVE’S all-embracing approach and ineffable knack for making music that feels good puts their distinct personality front and center.

Ngahuia Williams #stolenidentity


Name: Ngahuia Williams

Where do you live: Avondale, Auckland, NZ

What do you do: I manage models

Lust for Life: Lots of lust for life

Any Apologies: Not today

TWFT (word for today): Filthy….. great adjective

Your Instagram: @ngahuiawilliams

Favourite person to follow on Instagram: @taikawaititi

Best #hashtag you’ve ever seen: Everything @taikawaititi says should be hash tagged

Song at your wedding: Gin and Juice by Snoop Dogg

Song at your funeral: I’m not sure what people will play but i hope it’s happy

Ngahuia wears: Dead End – Tokyo Tort

We Are Ugly But We Have The Music – Anna Lunoe

ARTWORK - Anna Lunoe

Lunoe’s life-long curiosity about music started to take shape at the age of five, when she began making mixtapes for her friends by putting her tape-deck up against the radio to record her favorite songs. While she grew up in a home where impromptu jam-sessions were a regular occurrence. After leaving school she hosted a radio show on Australia’s guerilla FBI Radio, and eventually decided to start producing dance music herself.

Lunoe is most captivating with her production, vocal, and mixing skills put to work. “Real Talk,” a production alongside Touch Sensitive was a Chicago House influenced rhythm track that quickly bounced to # 1 on Beatport’s Indie Club Chart where it stayed – for four months. All Out, the first single has just been released from her forthcoming EP. She will be touring and playing the track at a bunch of festivals this year including Lollapalooza, Squamish, Splash House.