Stolen Girlfriends Club

Benny Tipene #stolenidentity


Name: Benjamin Tipene

Where do you live: Arch Hill, Auckland

What do you do: Play guitar and eat tacos

Lust for Life: Lion Red. Louis Theroux. Hanging with my cat Trunks

Any Apologies: Sorry to one of my teachers for making fun of your lady moustache

TWFT (word for today): Righto

Your Instagram: @bennytipene

Favourite person to follow on Instagram: @rickygevais (especially the “I’m A Pumpkin” gram)

Best #hashtag you’ve ever seen: #swampton

Song at your wedding: Elvis Presley – Can’t help falling in love with you

Song at your funeral: The Benny Hill Theme Song

Last music you paid for: Arctic Monkeys – Favourite Worst Nightmare. My vinyl fix for the week

Benny wears: Moonbeam – Tangerine

We Are Ugly But We Have The Music – Die! Die! Die!

DDD CD Cover 2000x2000 no spine

Having spent the better part of the past 9 years on the road, Die! Die! Die! now want to make your head, heart, and soul their home.

Their entire history has involved movement. The band traveled to Chicago to cut their first self-titled release with some guy in a brick basement (Steve Albini – responsible for some of the greatest records of all time). Needless to say, this record sent Die! Die! Die! on a whirlwind series of tours, gaining them considerable worldwide notoriety which no band from their native Dunedin, New Zealand had seen since the eighties heyday of the Dunedin sound.

In August 2007 the trio recorded Promises, Promises with New Zealand’s greatest song writer Shayne Carter and Kevin McMahon (The Walkmen, Swans) in Upstate New York; and 2010 saw Die! Die! Die! as one of the first new artists contracted to the reformed Flying Nun and issuing FORM, produced by label mate Nick Roughan (Skeptics). These releases strengthened the unyielding, reckless and menacing live delivery with the bursting melodies the band is now known for.

Last year, Die! Die! Die! self-released their fourth studio album Harmony, recorded at Blackbox Studios, France. Harmony’s raw energy and emotion offers a savant-pop drenched with DIY punk philosophy. Produced by Chris Townend (Portishead, D12, Violent Femmes), it is the best encapsulation of Die! Die! Die!’s power yet.

With bassist Michael Logie (The Mint Chicks, F In Math, Opossom) now a member, Die! Die! Die! will tour their face-melting shows throughout 2014 in the USA, Europe and beyond; embodying a vitality long since absent from the recent rock and punk circuits.

There is no rehearsed set of messages, postures or stage antics: cutting to the quick, their songs and live delivery are nothing short of awe-inspiring. Without the aid of gimmicks, hype or pretence, Die! Die! Die! aim to appeal to all walks of life without alienating ANYONE!

Reminiscent of the spirit and sounds of Black Flag, Pixies, the Wipers, Wire, and Bailterspace, Die! Die Die!’s unfiltered and powerful stage show has earned them a reputation as one of the most energetic and hardest-working bands around.

Cathartic, direct, indispensable.. You will know them as Die! Die! Die!

Dane Bell #stolenidentity

photo - DANE

Name: Dane Bell

Where do you live: Auckland, New Zealand

What do you do: Marine biologist, model, barista

Lust for Life: Fruit, naps, and realising my destiny

Any Apologies: Sorry to my Granny for moving halfway across the world and to anyone who’s never tried fresh guacamole

TWFT (word for today): Glacial

Your Instagram: @danebell1

Favourite person to follow on Instagram: @ninadelaluna (vegan foodporn)

Best #hashtag you’ve ever seen: #lowsodiumsoysauce

Last song/album that you actually paid money for: Ikon by The Sixteen, an album of classical ecclesiastical choral music

Song at your wedding: Real Love by John Lennon as sung by Regina Spektor

Song at your funeral: Who Knows Where the Time Goes by Nina Simone

Dane wears: Sunbeam – Black

We Are Ugly But We Have The Music – The Leers

albumartwork - the leers

The Leers are an Auckland based, alt-pop quartet of good mates hailing from Mt Maunganui. With a back catalogue of two EPs and a stand alone single recorded to tape at the prestigious York St Studios, the boys present us with the first taste of what to expect from their forth coming debut album.

“I Cant Cope” is the result of the collaboration between engineer Ben Lawson and producer Sven Petterson (Racing, The Checks.)
Recorded at the brand new Red Bull Studios, the hip-hop influenced single is an exciting tease of what’s still to come from this dynamic group.

Check out the single and keep your eyes peeled.

Marnie Harris #stolenidentity

IMG_87281 - Marnie

Name: Marnie Harris

Where do you live: Auckland is home at the moment

What do you do: Uni, Model

Lust for Life: Travel

Any Apologies: Too many. But thankfully none that come to mind right now

TWFT (word for today): Organic

Your Instagram: @marnieharris

Favourite person to follow on Instagram: @somewhereiwouldliketolive

Best #hashtag you’ve ever seen: #freethenipple

Last song/album that you actually paid money for: Mac Demarco’s album 2. I try to buy most of my music, it’s nice owning CDs

Song at your wedding: Haven’t kissed anyone in a while so it’s not really on the cards…

Song at your funeral: Arctic Monkeys – I Wanna Be Yours

Marnie wears: Sunbeam – Trans Burgundy

We Are Ugly But We Have The Music – Suren Unka

El Chupacabra ALBUM COVER_2

Local electronic wonderkid Suren Unka has released a new music video ‘Flee’ (created by acclaimed director Markus Hofko, who has worked with the likes of Flying Lotus). Flee explores a desire to break out of the everyday; a harsh wake-up call, “a cold water bucket to your face in the middle of the night”, Suren says.

The underground success of his 2011 EP and his 2014 debut Album ‘El Chupacabra’, has seen Suren become a hot contender on the New Zealand music scene. Suren Unka has played at music festivals such as Rhythm & Vines and Camp A Low Hum, and has opened for international acts such as Gold Panda, Nico Stojan, Hyperpotamus and Tokimonsta.

A young talent on this rise, ‘Flee’ is a bold step for Suren, and his collaboration with Hofko is sure to see him catapult into an international arena.

Sam Crawford #stolenidentity

sgc - Sam Crawford

Name: Sam Crawford

Where do you live: Brooklyn, NY

What do you do: Photographer

Lust for Life: Jumping into tropical water, exploring foreign lands

Any Apologies: Missing all my friends’ weddings!

TWFT (word for today): Terrific

Your Instagram: @_samcrawford

Favourite person to follow on Instagram: @earlboykins is lighthearted and funny!

Best #hashtag you’ve ever seen:#notreallyahashtager

Last song/album that you actually paid money for: Higgs Boson Blues by Nick Cave

Song at your wedding: Cant help falling in love by Dead Moon

Song at your funeral: Here comes the sun by The Beatles

Sam wears: Channel Surfer – Black Tort Fade

We Are Ugly But We Have The Music – Karen O


On September 5th 2014 Yeah Yeah Yeahs frontwoman Karen O released her full-length solo debut, Crush Songs, via the Strokes’ Julian Casablancas’ label, Cult.

“When I was 27 I crushed a lot,” O said in a statement. “I wasn’t sure I’d ever fall in love again. These songs were written and recorded in private around this time. They are the soundtrack to what was an ever continuing love crusade. I hope they keep you company on yours.”

Recorded in 2006 and 2007, the record is an intimate collection of lo-fi, bedroom recordings in the vein of Karen’s Oscar-nominated “The Moon Song.”

Liv O’Driscoll #stolenidentity

liv - photo

Name: Olivia O’Driscoll (Liv)

Where do you live: New York and New Zealand

What do you do: I am a single mother and a model

Lust for Life: My daughter Hara is the driving force for most everything in my world. She puts the smile on my face in the morning as she tells me knock knock jokes about “poopy”.. And cackles away to herself so proud

Any Apologies: Sure

TWFT (word for today): “fiddlesticks”. No more swearing. Replacing my regular “F’s”

Your Instagram: @livodriscool (cause I’m cool)

Favourite person to follow on Instagram: @soniatlevfitness She’s insane, and inspires me to try harder at the gym

Best #hashtag you’ve ever seen: When my best friend Midget graduated massage therapy school, her class mates all hash tagged “#massagetherapist”…. So let’s break that down “massage-the-rapist”.. Not cool guys

Song at your wedding: I HIGHLY doubt my partner would consent to any of my choices, but regardless I will be playing some Jeff Buckley and Sinead O’Connor

Song at your funeral: The same voices shall grace my funeral

Last music you paid for: Jhene Aiko

Liv wears: Moonbeam – Tokyo Tort

We Are Ugly But We Have The Music – Sachi


SACHI is an up and coming producer duo based in Auckland, New Zealand. The teenagers’ debut EP “Your EP” was released on New York based label Ralenteer Records in August, and has already attracted attention from international artists Nina Las Vegas and Just A Gent, and received airplay on Australia’s Triple J and local George FM.

With multiple official remixes on the way and a spot supporting Aussie giant Hayden James on his upcoming tour, SACHI are ones to watch.