All jewellery is delicate and should be handled with care. Avoid wearing your jewellery in performing activities as dropping and knocking will cause scratches and damages. Avoid getting jewellery wet or coming in contact with cosmetics e.g Hairspray.

Tarnishing naturally occurs over time. To minimise tarnishing avoid contact with oils, salt, and chemicals. To help prevent tarnishing we recommend giving your jewellery a gentle wash with warm water and dry with a soft cotton cloth before storing.

Regular care helps to prevent your jewellery from ageing.  


Due to the nature of sleeper earrings there is a chance of unfastening, please be cautious. To avoid earrings un-fastening please ensure they are clicked into place when putting into ear. Singular replacement charms can be purchased for the cost of $59.50. please contact


All knitwear should be cared for with love. Gentle hand wash in cold water, dried flat in shade. Please do not soak, bleach or tumble dry. Keep them away from direct heat, and do not leave the garment wet. Please do not dry clean your knitwear. Treat it well and it will be yours forever.


These garments are fucking high maintenance, just like you. Please handle with care, and only seek professional cleaning by a high quality leather specialist.  Treat any marks by spot cleaning with a clean damp cloth. Keep dry and store on hanger to avoid creases. 




To find the best fit for your new stolen, please follow the garment details as many styles are unisex. We will always advise what size our models are wearing so you can judge what size will work best for you. 


Size 6 / XXS / 26 mens 

Size 8 / XS / 28 mens 

Size 10 / S / 30 mens 

Size 12 / M / 32 mens 

Size 14 / L / 34 mens 

For additional sizing and fit guide, please email 



Our rings are sized alphabetically, and are based on the below guidelines. 

Small / Letter L

Medium / Letter N

Large / Letter Q

Extra / Letter T 

If you find that the sizes above are not quite the right fit, please email to enquire about our custom ring sizes, or for tailored re-sizing.