We sat down with Amon Tyson, also known as Twopiecetyson.
The Onehunga born artist is a member of the hip-hop group SWIDT. His distinctive voice became a pivotal element in shaping SWIDT's identity, contributing to the group's rise within the scene in New Zealand. His dedication to artistic expression and contribution to the cultural richness of New Zealand's music solidified his status as a multi-faceted artist.
When did you start making music and why?
“I started producing music at about 12 years old. My beats were so trash but I guess you don't have to be great to start, but you got to start somewhere to be great. As I've matured I think it was my way of escaping the real world."
What's your greatest achievement in your music career so far?

"Other than the multiple awards SWIDT has won, I guess being noticed by Timberland and being able to work with producers in his circle. There's so much talent here in New Zealand. You wouldn't believe if I told you how many massive hits were written in our backyard."

"Working with Pro Era (Joey Badass, CJ Fly) and being able to collab on multiple ideas with producers like Skhye Hutch (TDE), Moroccan artist Royane and more.
If you're a creative remember it's important to have some gratitude for yourself when achieving things you've always wanted to."
Tell me about other creative platforms for have progressed into?

"I've recently just hosted my first ever tv series, Sneakerholics on TVNZ+ go check that out. I'm low key tryna get onto a movie, so Taika Waititi hit me up."
What's your must have Stolen Girlfriends Club pieces this season?

"The ‘Baltimore Bomber' and 'Claw Ring' in Moonstone. I'm a big fan of having what nobody else has. I love me some 1 of 1's you know. All that funky weird colourful shit too."
What's the hardest part about producing music?
"Getting what's inside your head out to your fingertips."
Have you had any "pinch yourself" moments?
"Tons! Like I've mentioned, multiple awards, Timberland & working with artists all around this floating rock. Life is good! You know, you get what you put out, life ain't a bitch it's a mirror!"
What's next for Twopiecetyson?
"Life is short I'm tryna clock everything I'm passionate about and can put my creativeness towards. We have a new SWIDT album in the works. Our song YOUPHORIA has just dropped so look out for that on all platforms! But yeah, I guess, in order for me to produce high quality work I need to be aware of my thoughts, emotions and actions, and by doing that I'm allowing space for change to happen. So overall, growth! Watch this space!"