Stolen Girlfriends Club was forged in the collision of fine jewellery, modern Rock ‘n’ Roll, and Punk Romanticism.
 Founded in 2005 by our creative director Marc Moore, we have evolved from an experimental art project into an iconic contemporary jewellery brand loved around the world.
Our rebellious spirit, romantic heart, and outsider aesthetic has been brought to life through limited-run collections that blur the lines between fine jewellery, fashion jewellery,
and leather goods.
The vision is clear and concise; Make things that matter, using the finest precious metals, materials, and natural gemstones.
Build artifacts, not landfill.  Design products for people who crave inspiration, who want to elevate their sense of style, and amplify their individuality.

Worn internationally by Miley Cyrus, The Weeknd, Tove-Lo, Rita Ora, and Kid Laroi.

This is fine jewellery for the rebel hearted.

This is Stolen Girlfriends Club