Can you describe what you do, and what your connection to Stolen Girlfriends Club is?
 I am a DJ, I organise events and parties and manage AfterOurs studio with my sisters. I run Dynasty Collective, a platform I created for creative women of colour that is active in our community through events, radio & content.

How would you describe the Stolen Girlfriends Club vibe/ spirit, and what are the ways that you think it matches your own?
 Stolen has a very youthful fun spirit and has made a real statement in Aotearoa. I’m a very fun loving person, I love to laugh, I don’t take things too seriously and I make a statement in our community through my work that empowers others along the way. Also - I’m a Leo haha

Stolen is forever inspired by people who carve their own paths and create magic! What are some ways that you carve your own path?
I would say leaving the 9-5 allowed for carving my own path. Having full control over my own life and being able to delegate my time purely to what I want to do/try/learn/grow and experiment with etc
How do you want your clothes to make you feel?
 It’s a very mood-dependent thing for me, so any given day I like to feel comfortable, cool, sexy, fun, unique, masculine, girly, bitchy.

How has Covid affected you creatively?
 In a really positive way. During the lockdowns I had so much limitless time, it was kind of like a reset. Creatively I was able to experiment with arts I'd never tried, I was able to research people and places that inspire me and read books back to back. I relished and appreciated it as it really allowed me to explore creatively with everything and not feel rushed or in a hurry.
Your craziest, best-life dream: Where are you and who are you with and what are you doing? 
I’ve just finished playing my set at Dekmantel that was also recorded for Boiler room, I’m with my sisters and we’re now on our way to go see our dad who is travelling solo around Africa, our dog Manu is keeping him company.
What do you hope we all learn from this crazy time?
 I hope we realise and remember how important it is to take time out of our busy social and work lives and learn to really allocate time to keeping ourselves inspired, curious, creative and spoiling ourselves with knowledge. Also to remember how the Earth started to breathe again when we were forced to stop during lockdown and see that our actions really do make a difference.