Can you describe what you do, and what your connection to Stolen Girlfriends Club is?
 I am a barista and have been making coffee for almost 12 years now. But as my passion goes to fashion and creativity, I also do my own things such as modelling, content creating on social media for local designers I adore.
SGC and I have been working closely together for almost a year now since the first jewellery collection I did with them in January 2020. Now I feel like we are more than just a model and a brand. Feels more like a very good friend I have had for a long time. We create together, we party together haha    

How would you describe the Stolen Girlfriends Club vibe/ spirit, and what are the ways that you think it matches your own?
 Definitely rock and roll! Rebellious and passionate! But most importantly, they are just them. They are creating what they love and not afraid to show us. That is how me and SGC energy matches. I am not afraid to wear anything I like and not afraid to show how I style myself to people.    
Stolen is forever inspired by people who carve their own paths and create magic! What are some ways that you carve your own path?
 I don’t think I really have my own special way to carve my own path. I just keep doing what I love doing actually. Oh! keep getting inspired by people around you, appreciate opportunities that are given whether big or small, be nice to people and have fun. It might not sound anything special but It is what I have been doing consistently I think! and I can see it’s slowly carving my own path haha     

How do you want your clothes to make you feel?
 Playful and expressive if that makes sense.I feel good when clothes are able to show and tell how I feel or how I’d like to present myself. Sometimes, I feel chic, sometimes I want to look very modern and clean, sometimes I just want to look silly with quirky accessories. I feel good when clothes can let me express myself.  
How has Covid affected you creatively?
 No shows, no festivals … Covid has affected motivations and energy levels I think. 
Your craziest, best-life dream: Where are you and who are you with and what are you doing?
 I want to be everywhere. Wherever the good fashion and energy live. I want to continue to find amazing and passionate designers and creatives. Work with them and learn from them even when I get old. Small, vague dreams but that’s what I would love to do. 

What do you hope we all learn from this crazy time?
 I hope we all learn to slow down a little bit and take time for ourselves. I know it is a hard time with uncertainty. But on a slightly brighter side, we have been given an opportunity to slow down and re-focus on what you would love to do that you couldn’t do before because we were too busy just living.