Can you describe what you do, and what your connection to Stolen Girlfriends Club is?

I am a dancer, DJ, creative director, fake film photographer, food lover and a do-whatever-I-want type vibe :) I connected with Stolen through my love for rings - they always had some cool AF jewellery, as time went on I got to meet the lovely staff there and surprisingly be somewhat cool enough to be a part of a photo shoot with them!


How would you describe the Stolen Girlfriends Club vibe/ spirit, and what are the ways that you think it matches your own?

If I could describe Stolen’s vibe and how it matches me in one word I would def have to say - Unapologetic! It’s all about the vibes - doing what we want cause we love it.


Stolen is forever inspired by people who carve their own paths and create magic! What are some ways that you carve your own path?

I carve my own path in many different ways I would say, I’ve always been fearless and like to express who I am through what I wear and what music I listen to.


How do you want your clothes to make you feel?

I always want my clothes and what I wear to make me feel like ME!


How has Covid affected you creatively?

 Creatively, Covid has been a blessing in disguise, it's made me think outside the box with what I wanna do outside of dance, and some great projects & ideas have come from my time in lockdown!


What do you hope we all learn from this crazy time?

I hope we all learn to love each other more each day and live every day to its fulliest just in case some crazy shit like this happens again, and I hope people be who they wanna be and dress & express however the fuck they want.