Can you describe what you do, and what your connection to Stolen Girlfriends Club is?

 I’m a student in the last semester of my undergrad and a musician. Other than this project, my connection with Stolen Girlfriends Club is mainly my memories: seeing their rings and clothes in the hot local store; the models I idolised who taught the modelling classes I took as a teen, who wore SGC head to toe; and buying a pair of their sandals with the money from my first modelling job.


How would you describe the Stolen Girlfriends Club vibe/ spirit, and what are the ways that you think it matches your own?

 SGC is about being local and a superstar and remaining aloof even though we all see each other at the same parties every weekend, which is pretty me.


Stolen is forever inspired by people who carve their own paths and create magic! What are some ways that you carve your own path?

 A lot of the time being committed to making music means shutting myself away, the only witness to the magic. I’m so excited to share my album but it’s nice to have it as my secret for now.


How do you want your clothes to make you feel?

 During the daytime, I like to feel invisible, but during the nighttime free to be generous and glamorous and excitable.


How has Covid affected you creatively?

 Attempts to create something felt like writing a message in a bottle that no one would ever receive, so I felt free to have a period of just absorbing and revisiting stuff rather than putting work out and practising for shows. I also started watching the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, which has brought me an unbelievable amount of inspiration and happiness.


Your craziest, best-life dream: Where are you and who are you with and what are you doing?

I’m with my bf, our kitten Bastet, and my friends in Hawaii with the original RHOBH cast, recording their intro tracks and swimming in the sea.


What do you hope we all learn from this crazy time?

 That a lot of what we do has meaning because it lets us connect with each other.