Stolen Girlfriends Club releases American Dream collection at an underground fashion show

Friday October 28th 2022 – Fashion and music fans got brought together for yet another outstanding and unforgettable Stolen Girlfriends Club fashion show that showcased the latest collection American Dream.

Hidden in an underground concrete bunker at Rosebank Road was the location that brought this striking and illuminating show to life. Models strutted the American Dream collection down the 60m runway with elegance and edge. The garments glistened in the electric light. The music vibrated through the concrete pillars of the bunker as the audience watched in suspense at the unveiling of Stolen Girlfriends Club last apparel collection for 2022.

Stolen Girlfriends Club is anything but traditional. So why would they stick to the formality of only picking professional models. In the eyes of Stolens, anyone is a model. Stolen did their classic street casting call, ensuring people from all over Auckland got the chance to live their dream and envision themselves strutting the catwalk. Handpicked and curated by the casting team, some hidden talent got the chance and made the dreams of many come true which is fitting given the name of the collection.

The ambiance of light that struck each garment was the perfect setting to showcase this luminous collection. The fabrication details that etched its way through and enhanced the soft silvers and deep denims whilst making the creamy lace look crisp and clear from any area of the crowd had the audience sit there in awe and suspense waiting for the next look.

In general, this collection has been hugely inspired by vintage americana. We were given access to the Elvis Presley archives early last year, and after looking through it I was really inspired by some of the trends and silhouettes that were prevalent around America in the 50’s and 60’s. We’ve really focused on leather and denim a lot this season, and amped up the metal hardware and trims to give the collection a tougher and more modern feel. With the colour palette and the overall aesthetic, I like to call it ‘Palm Springs Punk’ - if there were such a thing! Such a paradox.” Said Creative Director Marc Moore.

“This year really was about collaboration. I don’t think I’ve ever worked with so many different creatives to pull a show to life! As a result I felt like the work really progressed, and the vision was amplified in a beautiful way.” Said Creative Director Marc Moore.